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Default GetDistance Formula

Hello, Excel World!

I've been using the GetDistance formula to map distances between a list of addresses. I was able to get the formula to work about a week ago. But then I tried adding a couple of rows to both my source data sheet and the main sheet. Since then, I've been getting a #NAME? error. I've double-checked and triple-checked the syntax in the formula, and it seems to be correct. And the other formulas I use work just fine as well. Have there been any Excel updates in the last week that are incompatible with the GetDistance formula? I'm at a loss for what the problem could be.

Here's the formula I'm using:


CRW is the name of the table I'm pulling the data from. The table has the people's names listed in the top row, as well as in column A. So B1 and A2 in the formula represent the same person, and the formula continues from there.

I should also say that the column lookups, 8 and 9, are the latitude and longitude coordinates for the addresses.

Thank you in advance!
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