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Default Images not showing in any Office 2016 app

I have a really strange issue that I cannot fix.
I run a small network of 25 users and have an Office 365 subscription. All users are running Office 2016.
One user is having major issues with images not displaying in any of his Microsoft Apps. Excel, Word, Powerpoint all show the text, but none of the images in the document, even down to the background images in templates and the like.
I have completely removed Office and re-installed. Installed a different graphics card thinking it was an issue with Intel HD4000 series graphics but to no avail.
All other users can open the documents and see the images.
I have tried creating a new document and dragging images in or inserting images from file and they instantly disappear. I've tried draft view, web view, print view etc, nothing will display the images.
I can click the images and see the handles, I have also been able to save images from the document so I know they are there, but invisible.
I have been in to the options under Display and Advanced settings for each application and have them set as many posts suggest they should be set but cannot get the images to display.
My only thought is a corrupt profile for the user, but I haven't had time to try this out as an option and only want to do as a last resort.
I've read about issues in Word, but not one that affects all of the Office Apps.
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