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Rather than insert the shape and caption in a single cell table, I prefer to put them together in a group. The group is itself a floating shape that can be moved around, the sequence numbering changing if necessary – don’t forget to update all fields to get the new seq numbers.

The macro AddCaptionToFloatingShape will add a caption and group the caption with the shape.
Sub AddCaptionToFloatingShape()
Dim aShape As Shape
Dim shpName1 As String
Dim shpName2 As String
    If Selection.ShapeRange.Count <> 1 Then MsgBox "Floating shape not selected": Exit Sub
    shpName1 = Selection.ShapeRange(1).Name
    If Dialogs(wdDialogInsertCaption).Show Then
        shpName2 = Selection.ShapeRange(1).Name
        Set aShape = ActiveDocument.Shapes.Range(Array(shpName1, shpName2)).Group
    End If
End Sub
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