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Originally Posted by macropod View Post
Which code? For: , simply copy the code from the post and paste it into your document's 'ThisDocument' code module. For and , simply open whichever of those documents' code you want to use and copy the code from its 'ThisDocument' code module and paste it into your document's 'ThisDocument' code module.

In each case, you can access the relevant document's 'ThisDocument' code module by pressing Alt-F11 and clicking on that document's 'ThisDocument' code module in the pane on the left side of the screen.
I got this to work, but i'm still having trouble with this part of the document from this thread .
I just can't get a link together using my information for the life of me. Not sure where i'm going wrong. I can only link ccdrop down with cc plain text buy xml mapping, but I need to understand how to do it another way in order to insert it into my table so that when I want a new row to be added the content control selections will be independent of the previous and next rows.

You've been a great help so far; appreciate it.
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