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It looks to me like the text IS THERE on the master object but one of your views shows it so small that it is greeked (shown as a grey box). If it appears on the page at a scale small enough that the text is easily read then I would be looking at the drawing scale of the page.

What I'm talking about is the ability of master shapes to be scaled. For instance, if you are doing a floorplan and drag a master for a 2m long couch onto the page then it would appear at a (10x) different size on a 1:10 scale floorplan than if it was on a 1:100 scale floorplan. In both instances, the couch should still represent an object that is 2m long but be physically a different size on the page. But if the text on the couch master was set to not scale with the underlying shapes, then it would look proportionally 10x bigger.

Look at your drawing scale by going to Design > Page Setup Dialog Launcher > Drawing Scale tab.

If scaling is not the problem, perhaps load a Visio file containing just that shape to this thread so someone can take a look at it.
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