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Thank you, everyone. In case anyone stumbles upon this, here is a workaround that I thought of but it requires having the reports team change the letter template. It is not a solution for the letters as they are now, but so far it's working with a minor hiccup that the first letter has the same envelope above and below it and the very last envelope in the batch doesn't have a corresponding envelope. Here is what I tried:

1. Change the merge template by opening up a new blank Word document. Copy and paste the entire letter template with the fields.

2. Go to 'Mailings'-->'Envelopes'

3. When the dialog box opens, click "Add to Document"

4. A blank envelope will appear above your letter, copy and paste the name and address fields from the letter to your envelope.

5. Save it as the template.

6. Merge your documents and save as a new document

7. Make the changes you need to make to your merged document whenever you need to make them.

8. To print ONLY your envelopes in one fell swoop, click Print and then select "Entire Document: Odd Pages Only."

Guessed, I see after the fact that this is the second of two solutions you suggested. Makes me feel so much better that an expert agrees! I am not giving up on trying out Styleref for another project. I had no idea that great feature is available! I experimented with Charles' links but I had some trouble using styleref to change envelopes in real time. But that's just my inexperience. gmayor, thank you for the macro!!!!! I knew a macro would work but it's so advanced for me. I am going to work on getting this in a document for the team (since it's me and 3 other less experienced macro-users that have to work with this document.) We'll use my workaround for now and I'll plug away getting the macro running.

Thank you all!
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