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Default How do I copy a workbook to another workbook and keep the formatting within the new workbook

I started a new job and have been asked to create a new workbook from a current workbook in order to use the workbook: My workbook contains 20 sheets of cost data on work projects in different areas. And has a summary sheet and other analyses based on the data from those sheets. This workbook is not allowing me to perform tasks I need and was somehow blocked by another user. I copied the sheets to another workbook in hopes I could use the data as I choose. The new workbook is not calculating the totals properly and some of the formulas in the summary are referring to the old workbook sheets (I want the formulas to refer to the sheets in the new workbook) How do I save the data so it only refers to the new workbook sheets?

I have also started a new sheet in the new workbook and entered many values in 2 columns and created a formula to total the values in each column and each row. The formulas do not work. (I want this resolved as well). This data in this new sheet will also be used to create more data on the same sheet.

I have tried formatting the cells to data and it doesn't work. Since it is a work item I can not provide the workbook.
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