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Hi, Stephan. Indeed, it shouldn't, and I have been scrupulous about setting up the styles in our custom templates, with Shauna Kelley as my bible reference on list styles especially. I am not a coder or anything close, so I can't tell you why these things happen, but they do, and regularly. My opinion -- and it's only that, of course -- is that the number of variables in our work environment simply leaves numerous places for gremlins to step in, be they Word's exceptionally complex feature set; working on SharePoint with as many as 8 authors in a document at once from all over the country, some possibly with different versions of Word, set up in various ways; "user error," the polite term for the sometimes whacky things said users do in Word; corporate network idiosyncrasies, security features bottling up traffic, etc., and or any and all of the above in combination. Quite a soup.
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