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Default Picture kills paragraph indents

Is this a bug in Publisher 2016?
Text box contains ordinary text with first line of paragraph indented.
Bring an object (e.g. picture) in from the left.
Text correctly moves out of the way but paragraph indents disappear wherever picture "touches" the text.
Text is now full-out to the left with no indents. (The rest of the text body is unaffected where the object does not touch.)

Nudging the object slowly in from the left shows it is shunting the non-indented text to the right but leaving the first line until the object hits that too, whereupon everything continues moving to the right but all aligned flush left.
Can anyone else reproduce this?
Tried every text wrap setting and layer order but it makes no difference. The only way I found to retain the indents is to create a linked text box beside the picture so the pic is not forcing any text to wrap. But there's no point in having the wrap feature if you must do this. Any suggestions?

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