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Default Looking for expert confirmation on list style procedure

I am being asked to recreate our company templates from scratch, changing style shortcuts to avoid styles using the same shortcuts in older documents corrupting our current styles when paragraphs or parts are directly pasted in. I am also being asked to change our custom bullet list style, from a single list style using four of the nine levels, to four individual list styles, each using only 1 level but replicating the cascading indents in our current series.

The rationale for this second request, is that it will prevent a recurring problem with bullets disappearing during work on a document based on the template by multiple writers using SharePoint, because the levels are linked together in a single list style.

I strongly disagree with this proposal. The cause of disappearing bullets, heading numbers, and other list-style-based lists (all created from Shauna K's instructions), in my opinion, has to do with 1) direct pasting from who-knows-what by contributors with Word options set up who-knows-how; 2) SharePoint's divorcing the document from the template and reverting to Normal, and probably additional related such factors.

Creating four bullet list styles where one is called for will solve nothing, in my view, and has nothing to do with the fact that the list style links the levels together.

I would be grateful for any expert confirmation, or correction, on this matter.
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