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Default Backup package does not process Outlook 2016 Personal Folders

Running Outlook 2016 under Win 10.

We have a slew of personal folders and subfolders that are very important to us. We just recently discovered that our backup plan (which we like a lot for other reasons) does not process these folders. We need some way of copying these folders (preferably unmodified) to a folder on our external drive which IS processed by the backup plan (with the hope that, in case of a disaster, we'd be able to copy them back again). As an immediate solution, we'd be happy if we could just copy the data daily manually, and later figure out how to set a timer to invoke the copy automatically, BUT ...

There seems to be no way to copy data from inside of Outlook to the outside of Outlook. It seems to insist that we output only files, not folders, if it's going to let us copy anything at all.

Any ideas?
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