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Default Macro to paste a picture, unlock the aspect ratio and change height and width

I would like to find an easier way to paste a picture i have copied into word and change the width and height in one easy shortcut.

I currently take a snapshot of my screen then in word paste the snapshot, change the layout to 'infront of text', right click on the picture and go to 'size and position...', uncheck the 'lock aspect ratio' check box then change the height to 5 and width to 9.

I have tried recording a macro however this doesnt seem to work. when im recording the macro i am unable to right click on the picture to select 'size and position.'

i want to be able to open word then press 'ctrl 1' on the keyboard so the picture pastes then the width is changed to 9 and height to 5. i dont even mind pasting first 'ctrl v' then 'ctrl 1' after to resize the picture.

Thank You for your help
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