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It is now the latter half of 2019... Is there any better solution to this yet? Specifically, I would like to add one cross-reference (NOT a hyperlink), that displays as follows:

Chapter 3. Getting started on page 3.19

The chapter number, name, and page number should be dynamic, and it would be great if the static text could be also so that it's one long clickable link, easy to search and replace to update. I can do this manually by inserting:

Chapter { REF _Ref21501329 \r \h }. { REF _Ref21501618 \h} on page { PAGEREF _Ref21501725 \h }

However, it would be soooo much better/faster/easier if I could insert ONE cross reference and skip the drama of adding multiple cross-ref fields and manually typing the text each time.

Just hoping there's been progress...

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