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Default Can't see the corner guide lines in MS Publisher

Managed to find the solution to show the 'guide lines' as shown in the above JPG photo.
Here's how ...

Open the programme, 10 tabs across the top starting with 'File'.

The next line or two consist of icons right across the page and can be varied to suit the user so in this explanation, I shall ignore tapping the one I'm looking for just in case the user has decided not to show it.

Instead, click the 'File' tab at the top-left corner of the screen and scroll down to 'Print...'.

(BOLD text below)
On the small window that appears, click 'Advanced Print Settings' at the bottom-left and another smaller window will appear called 'Print Settings.

Down towards the middle of the page are 2 boxes side by side. Make sure that the tiny box next to 'Crop marks' is ticked then go to the same-sized box to the right and make sure that both tiny boxes are also ticked for 'Allow bleeds' and 'Bleed marks'.
(BOLD text above)

Click 'OK' at the bottom of both the smaller windows showing the headings 'Print Settings' and 'Print'.

If the user has the 'Printer' icon showing perhaps with a number of other icons as well, clicking this icon and following the instructions in BOLD above, this will also achieve the same desired result.

Finally, many thanks to all those folk who took the time to read my original post.

... and that's about it.

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