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Default Excel keeps opening old version. Please help!!

I saved a worksheet for work and then exited. When I opened it back up a few minutes later it brought me to an older version of my work that did not include any of the new date I had put in that week. I know that I definitely saved it and in fact I saved it several times since then. Just in case I searched through other folders and files to find my missing worksheet even though I'm certain it is the one I opened up. I even checked my computer's Event Viewer what shows Microsoft Office alerts for when I was doing spell check of my newer document but I can find a way to link over to it. I don't generally turn off my computer I just put it in sleep so technically I have not opened up excel at all this week it has remained open on my desktop. Because of this will you send files in other applications like this have not been helpful because they are not registering that I had opened it. Please help I am desperate. I need to submit this document for tomorrow's monthly report and because of this problem I am missing several several hours of work. If anyone has any idea how to find this document or recover it or even knows some sort of process that will show what was being done earlier in the day it would be much appreciated. Also have tried version history on Excel but it won't open anything up.
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