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Default Outlook rule to move emails from drafts into a draft subfolder

Hi I use sage accountancy software. When emailing invoices in sage they automatically get sent to my outlook drafts.

I need an outlook rule that will move the invoices from drafts to a drafts subfolder. However, all rules im trying dont work. I think becuase they get sent automatically to my drafts there not deemed as going through my inbox/account?

I want a draft subfolder "Invoices sending" to seperate my draft invs from normal typed drafts. Also so I can make an autohotkey script which once triggered will send sage invoice to said Draft subfolder, then activate outlook, go to this subfolder and double click the last invoice ive sent to outlook from sage. Cant do this at the moment because when I send to Drafts the top draft isbnt always the inv ive sent sometimes its just a normal typed draft....even when Drafts folder is sorted in date order?

Many Thanks
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