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One possible way. You will have 3 objects on the slide that will take animation. On your small image, you put an "exit" animation" (for example, disappear). Then you put an "entrance animation on your big image (for example, appear). After the entrance animation is set, you put an exit animation on the big image. Finally, you put an "entrance" animation on the text box. You should notice little boxes with numbers appear near the objects. 1 through 4.

All these animations are typically set up as "on click". Test to make sure things appear and disappear in the right order, when you have to click each one.

Now you can use the animation pane to play around with the "timing"

1. Start On click, disappear (the small image) -- that is fine, leave alone
2. Start On click appear (the large image) -- let's change that to Start with Previous. Typically the number on this animation also changes to 1
3. Start on click disappear (the large image) -- leave this alone, number may now appear as 2
4. Start on click appear (the text box) change to Start with Previous.

Your animation pane should now have 2 animations with the number one and two animations with the number two. If you choose cross-fades (one object fades out while the next fades in), you may want to play with the duration of each animation.
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