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You still don't understand what this is about. What I 'maybe need' to do is to purchase the next or next plus one single-license release of Office for Mac, having first uninstalled the one which Microsoft refuses to let me use because of their 'pay yearly for Office 365 or we'll stop you using your older version' policy. Before I do that I'll need to do some careful research into (a) how to completely get rid of the older version, (b) what damage the new(er) version might do to support files (e.g. Custom Dictionary) which I've built up over many years.

Help with side effects of uninstallation and new installation are welcome. If the best you can do is to parrot phrases like 'the normal way of repairing broken Office apps on Macs', or copy-pasting online text pages without reading what people have written, thanks Micropops but don't bother.