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Sub ExtractSynonyms()
Dim oSynInfo As Object
Dim varList As Variant
Dim lngIndex As Long, lngSyn As Long
Dim strSyns As String
Dim oDoc As Document, oDocReport As Document
Dim oRng As Range
Dim arrList() As String
  Set oDoc = ActiveDocument
  Set oDocReport = Documents.Add
  Set oRng = oDoc.Range
  arrList = Split("layout|Content|many|Various|sometimes|use", "|")
  For lngIndex = 0 To UBound(arrList)
    Set oRng = oDoc.Range
    With oRng.Find
      .Text = arrList(lngIndex)
      .Font.Bold = True
      .MatchCase = True
      If .Execute Then
        strSyns = arrList(lngIndex) & " - "
        Set oSynInfo = oRng.SynonymInfo
        varList = oSynInfo.SynonymList(1)
        For lngSyn = 1 To UBound(oSynInfo.SynonymList(1))
          strSyns = strSyns & " " & varList(lngSyn)
        oRng.Collapse wdCollapseEnd
        oDocReport.Range.InsertAfter strSyns & vbCr & vbCr
      End If
    End With
  Next lngIndex
  Exit Sub
End Sub
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