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Originally Posted by Lugh View Post
Yeah, that's definitely unusual.

Have you tried creating a completely new account in Outlook, say for one of your lesser Gmail accounts? Worth a shot…

Since both Outlook & Thunderbird fail, it's unlikely they're the problem. Which points to one of two things:

1. Something on Gmail's end. Check the forums over there, see if there are a bunch of people complaining.

2. Something in your network which is interfering with both Receive & Send. The mention of is interesting, because that's a local address, a sort of 'loopback' when you don't want requests to leave your local network. Here's Wiki's explanation of it.

My top suspicion at this stage is something has gone awry in your network settings. I'm not knowledgeable enough on that subject to offer good advice, but it could be in your router, modem, switch, or your own PC's network card settings.

I assume you can reach the rest of the internet without a problem? Eg websites, download locations etc. So it's not a global access issue, but rather limited to the mail protocols. That I think suggests it's unlikely to be a hardware issue, eg corrupted drivers.

I don't have a clue what could simultaneously impact POP, IMAP and SMTP all at once.

Hmm, a couple of quick things you could try to maybe provide more clues: Setup a completely new account on both Gmail and and have someone send test messages. If both fail, it's almost definitely a problem in your network, as surmised above. If one or both works… then I'm not sure where that would leave us

I'll see if I can roust up a guru to have a peek at this thread, as I'm mostly flailing around in the dark with you.

Btw who's your ISP? It's possible they could be messing with your mail access too—check for complaints on their forums.

So let me give a little more background and then fill you in on the latest...

1. Sometime around the end of July I bought a Lenovo Pad and tied it to one of my gmail accounts. Since that time there has been issues. Coincidence? Maybe. Of course the new device set off a security issue, but Google doesn't really block stuff, they just send an email and say, hey, did you log in from this, or that, or whatever, or check your settings. I think it did ask me the security question, but all is good. Webmail working. Smart phone can download messages also. so no issues there.

2. I found out by posting the problem to another forum that Microsoft OS had not updated since 2017. Wow! Yeah, that was scary. So a program mini something was recommended, so downloaded, installed, ran it, MS magically started updating. I was hopeful that maybe this would fix the problems in outlook. But... no... same.. But I am happy Win 7 is now updated.

3. All my other outlook 2010 accounts are still working. I have several of my own domains, all working fine, but all servers are off site through a host. I also have a account and a hotmail account, they too, are working fine.

It was ALL 7 Gmail accounts that just stopped. Some of them I didn't realize it as I rarely used them, but the main account I use for work, just stopped, and I was like what's going on, and then I found all of them had stopped.

Today, you recommended I try to install a new outlook365 free account. I did, it is not working. Here is a screen shot of the message I get from Outlook when I try to add it. That is just more weird...

I am worried that Outlook may be corrupt somehow. Maybe a system reboot in the middle of something corrupted something. But why only gmail accounts? Outlook is otherwise running normally.

I did notice that Gsuite came out in July, but I have yet to find any information linking the two things together. I also searched all over the net, there are a few people that reported the problems last year, March this year, and a few others, but not many. Most support is saying well, it's the two factory issue and you need to turn it off, like what was recommended above, but mine are all off. So that is not what is causing it.

Yes, I can access the rest of the internet, this site for example, all the other things I normally do, and all of my other mail accounts, and I have many. Everything else seems to be working fine.

My ISP is in Taiwan - CHT, the biggest one, where I live. And Taiwan and China are separate, there is no great fire wall here, Taiwan is independent for all intensive purposes, so this is not the cause. As far as I know no one here has had issues with this. I have checked with some local friends and no one is reporting anything. In addition, why would my phone be working to download mail, either by wifi through the same ISP or through my data connection through my phone company? I highly suspect it is either related to something Gmail did, some kind of corruption in outlook, or some network settings somewhere that started interfering with Gmail, but why it would be limited to Gmail, I have no idea.

Let me know if you figure anything out, or find that great wonderful guru you were referring to. haha. I too, am constantly looking around for a solution or for someone else who may have figured it out. I am wondering if something just happened to my network settings during a blue screen or something that I have had recently. Or a crash, while outlook was open and downloading mail...

Anyway, thanks for replying, and hope someone can answer.
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