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BOUNTIFUL THANKS to you, NoSparks, for your continuing help on this matter.
I hope that my previous post is sufficient to keep me from getting 86'd.

What the heck are you talking about ?
Do you have more than one workbook open ?

No other workbooks are open, but now I understand:
As mentioned earlier, I had tried to use MrExcelHTMLMaker, so that script was still active.
I unchecked it, restarted, and all is well. I now see only your script.

I understand how you referenced the column A cells with the "-1" offset. Cool.

Again, I changed it to Set rng = .Range("B10:B20") and TextToDisplay:="Click"
then Saved the file, exited Excel, and reopened the file.
Cell A28 Still Works, and all the column A cells still say "Click here".
Apparently, I need to "run" the script again, after re-opening the file?
Is the script not automatically Run when the file is Opened?

You noticed: in my original sample cells, the INTRO cells have %0D%0A for CR/LF,
while the BODY cells do not. That's because: some time ago, the emails were not displaying correctly.
I've just changed the text in the INTRO cells, to look like the BODY cells, and it works well. No more %0A%0D.
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