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Default Cursor control in a textbox

Im using Word 2010.
I have two text boxes in a frame on a Userform.
Textbox 1 (tbxItemText) is for an item description, textbox 2 (tbxPrice) is for the price.
Im trying to allow the User to hit Tab when in the item descriptipon to go to the price.
The code below does that, but when focus moves to textbocx 2, the cursor is two character positions to the right of the price (which was previously set to 0.00 after the preceding item was entered and accepted - and I've checked that there are no trailing spaces when it is set).
So I have two questions
first: can anyone think of any reason why the cursor should be beyond the end of the value?
second: is it possible to control the cursor position when setting focus to a textbox?

Private Sub tbxItemText_KeyDown(ByVal KeyCode As MSForms.ReturnInteger, ByVal Shift As Integer)
'** Tab or Enter means "Go to Price".
  Select Case KeyCode
    Case vbKeyReturn, vbKeyTab    'Enter or Tab
  End Select
End Sub
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