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Default Macro not running

At work last week, a proposal document of 120-plus pages developed a problem during a computer freeze. When the computer was rebooted and the document reopened, all of the text bullets had been changed to the table bullet style, and each group of bulleted items had been placed in a frame.

I found the macro below, posted in 2017 on the web, and tried to use it, selecting from just above the first set of bullets to the end of the document and running the macro. It only removed the first frame. Today, trying again, I find that the document gets busy for perhaps five seconds and then abruptly closes with no change.

Since Iím not a coder, I donít really read VBA, but this looks pretty straight-forward to me. Is there anything wrong with the macro (Iím running Office 365 on a corporate network), is the problem perhaps a network security issue preventing its execution, or might there be some other reason it would not work on this document? The only frames are those added around the bullets. There are tables and text boxes but no other frames.


Sub RemoveAllFramesInDoc()
  Dim objFrame As Frame
  Dim nFrame As Long
  Application.ScreenUpdating = False
  nFrame = ActiveDocument.Frames.Count
  For Each objFrame In ActiveDocument.Frames
  Next objFrame
  MsgBox ("All " & nFrame & " frames in this document have been removed!")
  Application.ScreenUpdating = True
End Sub
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