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I have the same problem. After keyboard actions such as control-Z, any arrow function. Visio Pro 2019 freezes and can only be closed by using Task Manager. I noticed this after the update to Win 10 - 1903. I have Visio Pro 2013 on another computer and it works fine with Windows 10 - 1903. I have tried all the same remedies mentioned by digitizernz1 above with the same lack of improvement he discovered. I'm hoping this bug is sufficiently widespread that Microsoft will provide a fix soon.

I looked at Lucidchart to see how close to Visio it is (I was ready to move away from Visio because of this bug), but the first thing I tried (aligning a shape to another shape) moved both shapes instead of moving the second shape to agree with the first shape. And if you cant get on-line, you don't have access to your Lucidchart work.
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