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Default How to display Exchange calendar in Google desktop calendar

I have an Exchange work account that I view in Outlook. I also have a Google personal account. What I would like to do is to display my work calendar in my Google Calendar, both on my desktop and on my Android phone.

What I have done is added the Exchange account to my Gmail app on my phone. This worked and I'm now able to view both my work emails in the Gmail app (Android) and my work calendar in my Google Calendar app (Android). The only thing that's missing is to view my work calendar on my desktop computer (Windows; Chrome browser).

How can I make sure that my work calendar will show up in my Google Calendar in Chrome browser for Windows? I have two limitations: I cannot use the 'Share Calendar' function in Outlook because it has been blocked by my employer and I cannot use additional (sync) software as installation has been blocked as well.

Basically I don't really understand why the Exchange account is showing up on my Android phone but not in my Google account on my Windows desktop computer.

I use the following OS:
- work computer: Windows 10 and Outlook as a subscription for Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus (Outlook version 1902)
- home computer: Windows 10 and Chrome browser
- phone: Android P

Thanks for your suggestions.
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