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Originally Posted by Walterose View Post
• Should these 27 folders be saved as Notebooks or Sections of my Documents folder?
I would make them 27 Notebooks, assuming there's considerable topic-related content in each. I have 10 Notebooks currently, and will probably have 12 next year—splitting a couple of the current big ones. Each Notebook has 6-10 Sections, Sections have 5-25 Pages & Sub-Pages.

Originally Posted by Walterose View Post
• How many levels deep can sections be set in OneNote
Just one, altho Sections can be grouped—I'm not familiar with that. The depth is via Pages within Sections, you can have 2 levels of Sub-Pages under a top-level Page. That's a visual thing first, you just drag the Page title a little to indent it.

The second thing is useful—you can collapse the top-level Page to hide all the Sub-Pages until you need them. Handy for Sections with lots of content. NB you must collapse first if you want to move a top-level Page & all its Subs together.

Originally Posted by Walterose View Post
• For my Daily-Notes page in ON, each of my entries will be separated by a Note-Container. Can this be compatible with my habit of scrolling back up to a previous entry? Is there a way to keep all my daily entries in one expanding Note-Container?
I don't know if there's a limit to a container's size—I spam Pages rather than content; ie I try to keep individual Pages short, to minimize scrolling & hunting. That said, I find the search in ON to be excellent, to the degree that even when I'm sure I know where a topic is—ie which Notebook-Section-Page-Sub-page—i usually just type the first few characters and select the Page from the drop-down suggestions. Try it, no Ctrl-F needed.

Originally Posted by Walterose View Post
• Is there a limit on how long a container can stretch.
See above. Test it with your Daily-Notes page.

It doesn't have to be all or nothing. You can easily link to any file from within ON, so you can keep some content in Word while organizing it via ON. You can of course do the same with links to the web, if there are some pages you don't need to save locally.

Couple of things re your Daily-Notes

In Word, have you tried separating each day with a Heading style? Eg…
…each of those as say Heading 3. Then set the Navigation Pane to always load with Word, and they will all show up in a nice nav list. You could set years as H1 and months as H2, which will give you collapsible heading levels for better visual nav.

If you transfer Daily-Notes to ON, the Sub-Pages will provide a similar collapsible visual nav, which may suit. However, why not make Daily-Notes a separate Notebook? I have my ON auto-open to my To-Do page, which is mercifully short even with medium- & long-term projects in it—as I complete a task I cut it and paste it into a Done page.

ON Versions

Be careful about the differences between ON in Windows 10 & ON in Office. ON Office is being discontinued now/soon, Win10 is the one going forward. Unless it changed recently, that means you can't save your ON files locally, they'll be on OneDrive. See this page:
What's the difference between OneNote and OneNote 2016?

I haven't used the mobile ON app, which has less functionality.

I spend a lot of time formatting web articles in word. OneNote may make this more efficient.
Or it may not. ON's formatting options & ease don't come anywhere near Word's, so test that out if it's important to you. You'll probably use the 'Clip to ON' functionality—I don't, it was too clunky for my taste.

Before you commit to ON, have a look at Evernote—it and ON are the 2 premier note-taking apps. They're both excellent, just suited to different working styles.
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