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Default Moving large content to Onenote

ON is a new way of processing text that may serve me better than MSWord. My Documents folder holds over 3,000 files in more than 400 folders some folders go 6 or seven levels deep.
I spend a lot of time formatting web articles in word. OneNote may make this more efficient.
I also keep a daily-notes page which is now more than 200 pages long. It is one place to keep thousands of disparate important to-do and knowledge items that I reference at any given time and often throughout the day or week or months. My feeling is that ON may handle this need more efficiently. Especially since long Word documents tend to become unstable in my experience. My Daily-Notes page is continuous with a Horizontal Line separating each day. This allows me to quickly find an item by scrolling up by days or weeks without having to do a “Control-F” search.
My Documents folder has 27 sub-folders. Most of these have subfolders and some have up to 7 levels deep
So my concerns are :
• Should these 27 folders be saved as Notebooks or Sections of my Documents folder?
• How many levels deep can sections be set in OneNote
• For my Daily-Notes page in ON, each of my entries will be separated by a Note-Container. Can this be compatible with my habit of scrolling back up to a previous entry? Is there a way to keep all my daily entries in one expanding Note-Container?
• Is there a limit on how long a container can stretch.
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