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Default Outlook (Office 2013) alternatives

I have been using OFFICE 2013 Outlook for quite a while now. It was original marketed to me a more stable and 'progress' from outlook express (which was part of windows).

I have just 'recovered' from another gliche/freeze in it however, where it would not open. (something about my SECONDARY email MS account settings not being up to date (fixed just by signing in)). My primary email account also uses the same Program.

Whilst this was down I considered:

This is the second or third time in 2 years...this gliche /Freeze has happened.
'MS Answers' are NOT answering my 'cries' for help.
It is old (ish) software, but still supported by MS.
I am thinking that there are alternatives.

- Office 2019 Professional Plus...single purchase (most likely though digital download). I have the disk for office 2013 and prefer this traditional method. Cost btwn $19 & $70, ONCE.

- Standalone Outlook 2019 digitial download.
Also about $19.

- Office 365 ongoing subscription at about $100 a year.

I feel as if a non-subscripton based program would suffice (as I have various cloud accounts and storages)...

Getting to the Office 2019 any better/stable/rigid (?) than outlook 2013 (now that my 2013 version is working again)?

Whats the low down on standalone outlook vs office 2019 (or office 2013 for that matter). I have even previously considered non-MS alternatives like 'Thunderbird'.

Appreciate any advises, comments...
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