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Default Alert me How to assign tasks automatically by some criteria

Hello together,

I hope you're enjoying a beautiful Friday, no matter where you are.

First I would like to explain the following scenario:

There are five tasks: Task 1 to Task 5

Per task there is a priority number (which I'm already familiar with ;-)) 1 to 5. A bigger number means a higher priority.

there are 3 skills required for the project: skill 1 to 3

There is a table which shows which skills are required for which task.

There is another table which assigns skills to resources.

So with this information one could assign all of the available resources based on their skills to the tasks considering the skills for every specific task.

Does any body know any tutorial or can give me a hint to find out how I can manage this job in ms project?

I would be very grateful.

Yours Sincerely

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