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Default No kidding - Same thing here!

I thought that I was crazy as I have worked extensively with Outlook and Exchange. I have the identical issue, although one slight variance, I found my imported notes in my IMAP email folder list. I can open the folder, and all the old notes are right there, although they are in an email format, vs the note looking format.
When I click on the quick launch note - the folder is empty!
If I right click on Notes in my email folder list and select properties - on the general tab at the bottom, it says "when posting to this folder, use IPM.Post", it also gives 'Forms' as a selection from the drop down. But when I launch my Notes from the quick launch and right click - that same general tab displays "when posting to this folder, use IPM.StickyNote"!
My notes are my 'cheat sheets' and I use them all day, every day. I sync them with both my iTouch and Android which is extremely useful, especially when I don't have an internet connection to get my mail. However now, I am unable to sync them as there is nothing to sync.
I have been at this for several days now and would appreciate any suggestions you can offer.
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