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Default Table size changes on multiple pages

First time poster here.

For many years now, I've been using Word to create fold-over printed inserts for CDs. I have a template of a simple one row, two cell table, set to exactly the size and shape (basically, two squares) I want. Normally I just place text and pictures for what will form the 'outside' (when it's cut out and folded in half), with the 'inside' left blank.

Recently, however, I've been trying to create a double-sided insert, with additional text and pictures going on the inside of the folded paper.

I created an initial 'outside' design, then simply added a page break (in landscape mode), and placed an identically sized table on page two, containing the 'inside' text, etc.

I then printed the document- doubled sided, flip on short edge. Lining-up-wise, it worked perfectly, but to my surprise, I found that when I cut it out, the whole thing (both 'sides') had shrunk slightly (maybe by about 15% or so), and was too small for the plastic jewel case.

EDIT: Each of the two cells is set in table properties as 12cm x 12cm. That's exactly how a one page doc prints. But the two page version actually prints 11cm square cells.

What's causing this, and how can I avoid it?

Hoping someone can help.


EDIT 2: Well, I tried the obvious workaround. I set the cell sizes to 13cm x 13 cm. Lo and behold, it prints out 'correctly', i.e. as 12cm x 12cm. Not ideal, though - what IS going on, here?
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