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Originally Posted by empresslee View Post
Dear All,
Is it really impossible to delete a chat in Microsoft Teams? I know you can delete the messages you have sent but what I want to do is to delete the entire chat.

Would appreciate the help.

Mistakes sometimes happen. Fortunately, you can edit or delete the messages sent in Teams.

Edit a sent message
You can edit any message that you have sent to a chat or channel. Go to the message and select More options button > Edit. Make changes to your message, then press Enter to save the update.

There's no limit to how many times you can make changes to a sent message.

Delete a sent message
If you need to backtrack and delete something you just sent, go to the message and select More options button > Delete.

If you haven't sent the message yet, select Expand Expand button to expand the box and then select Delete Delete button .

Undo a deleted message
Go to the deleted message and select Undo.

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