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To reiterate, anytime this user takes his laptop offline (removes the laptop from his dock and travels) and opens Word, Excel, etc without access to the Internet, those programs don't work right. They lock up and say not responding. They never will work correctly. If he opens One Note and tells that program to log out of the user it's logged into, then the other Office programs work fine. It's as though, due to One Note being logged in when he disconnects, the other Office Programs are requiring an Internet Connection or they don't know how to work properly. Upon logging out of One Note, it's like the Office Programs know to work offline. It sure seems like Office would not care one way or the other though and, if no connection is found, the entire suite would simply ignore any one program being logged in and just allow local access. That said, this is not what we're finding or experiencing. Is there any fix to this so he can remain logged in all the time and not have to log out, log back in, log out, log back in, etc as he goes back and forth from being remote to working online, etc.? Maybe a registry hack or something? I'm pulling my hair out here... Please help.
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