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Default enter x,y to display a number

I had to revised my data. I have to create the problem differently because I need to use two cells for x,y coordinates instead of one cell as you previously helped. The objective is to enter the x,y coordinates in cells H2 and I2 and it displays the corresponding value 7 in cell I4. This is the following DATA:

Range: A1:F3 graph:
cell A1 is -1---cell B1 is 1---cell C1 is 0---cell D1 is 1---cell E1 is 1---cell F1 is 1
cell A2 is -1---cell B2 is 0---cell C2 is 0---cell D2 is 1---cell E2 is 1---cell F2 is 0
cell A3 is -1---cell B3 is -1---cell C3 is 0---cell D3 is -1---cell E3 is 1---cell F3 is -11

Range: A5:C7
cell A5 is 1---cell B5 is 2---cell C5 is 3
cell A6 is 4---cell B6 is 5---cell C6 is 6
cell A7 is 7---cell B7 is 8---cell C7 is 9

In cell H2 I enter the -1 and in cell I2 I enter -1 (This is the x,y coordinates that I entered)

In cell I4 the formula finds the number and displays the 7
1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

I want to input the x,y coordinates in two cells H2 and I2 in stead of one as previously. So on this one I have cells H2 and I2.
The formula in cell I2 automatically puts the assigned perspective value.
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