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Default Shape.Placement - has Placement property gone away?

I'm trying to code a VBA macro to capture information on floating pictures - I'm using the shapes object and have captured all but placement - for some reason, the VBA compiler is giving an error "method or data member not found" - wonder if I'm missing something as placement does not appear in the list of properties to use for the shape object when I code it in VBA (others like Left, Width, Height and Top all work OK). Any suggestions appreciated. Code listed below

Sub demo3()
    Dim oShp As Shape
    For Each oShp In ActiveDocument.Shapes
        Debug.Print oShp.Height & ":" & oShp.Width & ":" & oShp.Top & ":" & oShp.Left & ":" & oShp.Placement
    Debug.Print "Demo2:DONE"
End Sub

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