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Originally Posted by macropod View Post
That is NOT what you described in post #1, which was:

Your [inaudible 23:45] lacks the square brackets around the time!

Try a wildcard Find/Replace like:
Find =\[<*> [0-9]@:[0-9]@\]
Replace = ^&
Thanks Paul...

...we're getting closer...

I use this, checked the wildcards check box, pressed Replace All and it responded: "All done. We made 54 replacements".

However there are only 32 instances of [inaudible 12:34] (with varying time stamps) in the document, and none of them had been highlighted in the chosen colour (yellow).

When I did the same with the wildcards check box unchecked it responded: "All done. We made 33 replacements".

In this document, which is one of many transcriptions I do, I have variables such as [voices overlap 12:34] and [wordguess 12:34] where I make a guess at an uncertain word. You posted something earlier aimed at dealing with this situation where the text varies, and something to address all of these including "inaudibles" would be the ideal.

Apologies to all for leading you up the garden path with incorrect information initially!

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