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Default SmartArt hierachy won't keep dotted lines in place

Hi! I created a SmartArt hierarchy chart for our organization, after finding Visio does not translate very well to Word. (But that's another issue...). So I created an org chart but I had to add dotted lines. To do this, I went to Insert -> Shapes and clicked the elbow connector and placed it in my drawing, changing it to a dotted line. Everything was great until I tried to do anything with the org chart, like rotate it, make it an image, etc. The dotted lines just don't stick with the rest of the org chart or they just completely disappear. Is this a flaw with the program because Shapes are not part of SmartArt, or is it a flaw with my Word skills. Either way, I need to know how to fix this if anyone could be so kind...

Thanks in advance!
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