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Default Enter x, y coordinates and displays a number

Range B2-D4:
[1,1] [0,1] [1,1] Example:
[-1,0] [0,0] [1,0] Cell F3 → [0,1] (ENTER X,Y)
[-1,-1] [ 0,-1] [1,-1] Cell F4 → [7] (RESULTS)

Range B6-D8:
[5] [7] [6] Example:
[8] [2] [3] Cell F7 → [0] (ENTER #)
[0] [1] [7] Cell F8 → [-1,-1] (RESULTS)

Would you please be so kind as to show me how to
create a formula after entering any (x,y) coordinates
in Cell F3, it will automatically display the corresponding number in Cell F4?
Also, vice versa, where I would enter any number in
Cell F7 and automatically display the corresponding (x,y) coordinates in Cell F8?
Please note: Using MS Office 365. The (x,y) coordinates
in range B2-D4 corresponds to the numbers in range B6-D8
I just made it 3x3 matrix to make it easier
to understand what I needed to be done. Thanks!
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