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Default Task type relationships not acting as expected

I've gone through the MS tutorials on the relationships between effort driven, fixed duration, fixed work, and fixed units but there's something that does not appear to be acting right. I've got my tasks set for fixed work. But the summary task shows up as fixed duration and cannot be changed. When I now change the end date of a task, the start date moves with it, keeping my resource units at 100%, even though my tasks are marked to start as soon as possible. In effect, I'm trying to set up a two week task (duration) witn only 20 hrs of work spread across those two weeks.

What's the easiest way to set up a lot of tasks such that my work stays at what I set it and I can change the durations? I thought fixed work would do it, but there must be another switch somewhere that I missed. Either that or the order I do things is affecting how Project handles it.

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