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Question How's that Equation Editor inserts bullet operator instead of dot operator for multiplication?

Hi. Cambria Math being the only one font availabe for equations is pretty annoying if you need to keep your document consistent and you are using the standard Times New Roman font. So I installed XITS Math and now I can use that one as well. I installed it because it's pretty much an exact copy of Times New Roman with additional mathematical symbols for the Equation Editor. But using this one, a new issue has resurfaced. The Equation Editor uses WRONG glyph for multiplication dot! Not knowing that, when I tried to negotiate the issue with the author of the mathematical font, he replied to me this:

I didn't bother about the correct glyph before this issue reappeared. In fact, I didn't bother about any glyph at all, before I had to use XITS Math and this fact struck me in the eyes. Instead of inserting the multiplication dot by the Equation Editor, I have to insert it using \cdot sequence and pressing spacebar to insert the correct glyph. I am not used to that and it's quite annoying. Does anybody else have the same issue? Why does Equation Editor insert bullet operator instead of dot operator, like it did in previous versions of Equation Editor (the old good Equation Editor 3.0 for instance). I don't want to use old MS Office just for that. That means, I need to use the new format, but Equation Editor 3.0 is unavailable and this is the only one alternative free of charge (of course, I could purchase Math Type, but I don't want to - yet)
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