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Default Insert a section word count on a cover page of a document

Hi there.

I am creating a template document for my students to use when writing assessments.

My first page is a cover page. I then have a section break and the students will then begin their assessment on the 2nd page.

Part of their instructions is to include a word count. I initially used the NUMWORDS field, but forgot that it would count all words in the document.

I believe there is a way of counting only the words in a specific section and then return the value for that. I have found a number of online tutorials with code included, but due to my very limited knowledge of VBA and macros, I cannot get it to work properly.

I would like to insert the section 2 word count into a table on the cover page.

Is anyone able to assist me, with perhaps a simple idiots guide that I can work from?
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