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Default Powerpoint Viewer - 3 displays option??

We have 2 monitors(projector & TV) plus the PC monitor. Our goal is to have the 2 monitors show only the full screen powerpoint and the PC monitor to have the powerpoint viewing the same screen as projector & TV. The PC would be clicking through to change the slides as needed.

Does the latest version of Powerpoint support 3 displays and what would be the hardware that would be needed. We would upgrade the PC to Windows 10 and the latest Powerpoint so that we could have Presenter view.

I have set the display to be Duplicate These Displays. It displays the same on all 3 screens.

We are running Windows 7, Powerpoint 2010 Student/32bit. I went into Powerpoint to select presenter view - get the message that this feature is for multiple monitor use but can only detect 1 monitor. Our monitor is IP235.

Currently we are using a Matrox Dual Head2GO which is connected to the display port video output. Microsoft display is setup as Extend these displays. #1 is the projector and # 2 is the TV. We are using Easy Worship. The #1 and #2 display the same slide views(they do not see anything of the Easy Worship program). The pc display has the Easy Worship screens and the operator then selects each screen as needed.
Our goal is to use powerpoint with #1 and #2 only displaying the slide full view and the the pc monitor then has powerpoint as it would normally be open for editing and we can also use the outline view to select the slides as needed.
Is this possible in powerpoint?
We currently are using Easyworship which handles this but we would like to move to using powerpoint.

Thank you for your insight.
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