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Question MS Office colour category chaos

Hi, I need to use colour categories in my work place and it is important because other workers need to use the same colours for the same function.

Recently my colour categories have been playing up and often when I close down Outlook and then reopen it later the colour categories either disappear altogether and I get the default red/blue/yellow/etc categories or the colours I have allocated are completely different from the ones which appear. I know that I can right click on mailbox and select restore colour categories and this sometimes works but what seems to happen is that an appointment then gets a couple of categories (one or other of which may be the correct colour but the other category comes out of nowhere and bears no resemblance to the actual category it should be).

Our helpdesk has set me up with new profiles etc but nothing seems to work. I wonder if it is something to do with a master list, I have seen that mentioned in other contexts but have no idea what it is.

So what I really need to do is delete (permanently!!!) all my categories and start again.

Any help with this would be most gratefully received


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