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Default Can anyone explain how Office 365 works?

I currently have Office 2010 installed on both my laptop and my desktop PC. I'm retired so my need for these applications is somewhat limited but in order to remain supported I probably need to upgrade to a newer version. I know from several articles that Microsoft makes enhancements to Office 365 that will not be included in Office 2019 and based on the cost of 2 copies of Office 2019 it's making some sense to me to consider Office 365 as the share the other 4 copies you get with a subscription with other members of my family.

The thing that I'm curious about is how you install and use Office 365 in comparison to how one would install and use Office 2019. Is this a case where you download a copy and install it on your PC like Office 2019 and thru some validation process like Quicken, if you don't pay your annual subscription fee the product is somehow disabled or is this a case where there is noting installed on your PC and you run everything from the cloud? My reason for asking is that prefer having products I use installed on my PC that I can use offline and even though it would be more expensive, I might want to still buy Office 2019.

If someone can provide me with a brief overview of how Office 365 installs and is used I would appreciate the info.

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