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Default Non-Working Days on Gantt

Hey all, new to the forum and Project.

We are using Project 2003 and I have the following problem.

I copied a pre-existing project from another member which had some holidays identified on the base calendar.
I made a copy of the base calendar and called it something else.
I added the rest of the holidays for the rest of the year to this new calendar (Tools - Change Working Time - Clicked Non Workingwtim button).
When I scroll throught the calendar, the days are displayed as 'nonworking'.
I have verified I am using the calendar in my project (Project - Project Information - Calendar: box indicates same name as above calendar).

Here's the problem - The Gantt Chart does not display my added holidays as non-working days.....however, the hoidays that were put in before are depicted via shaded bar.

Any thoughts?

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