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Unhappy Progress Update and S-Curve Report Issues

Good morning, i've a question for you and i hope someone will be so kind to help me.

I've always used Primavera for my projects, but now i'm using for the first time Ms Project 2016.

I don't understand two things...

The first: when i update my progress to a certain date, activities with a progress (not 100%) are splitted in two parts and the first part ends before of my data date (even 2-3 days before).

Why doesn't it end in the last useful day before data date?

The second, and more important for me: when i construct my S-Curve, i calculate early path and late path.

However, when i export the report with cumulative work in order to calculate my actual path, i notice that the cumulative work increases for a few days also after my data date.

Why? What am i wrong?

Very thanks to everyone that will answer me.
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