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Default Lost folders due to using "Root Folder Path"

Hi guys, hoping I may get abit of help.

Yesterday while using Outlook 2013.

Using IMAP, I wanted to share my folders on my computer to another computer, these folders weren't on the IMAP server only locally.

I did abit of reading here and there on how to do this and one way to do it which I think I misunderstood asked me to add a file location

in the accounting settings under an option called "Root Folder Path".

Which I did, the moment I did this, all my folders in outlook disappeared, so I went back into the settings and reverted the "Root Folder Path"

option back to blank and my folders have not returned.

I restarted outlook and still no luck.

I then started looking for backup outlook files *.ost to which I cant find anything, I've literately somehow lost over a gig of saved work emails.

Is there any way to retrieve this now? There has to be a file somewhere which outlook deleted to create the new one right?
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