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Angry Order of Operations in Word

I am attempting to do the following formula in a mail merge field in Word:

FORMULA IN WORD { = (1 - ((1+(2/100))*(0.995))^19)}

When I enter this formula in a Word mail merge field, I get 2.324

However, when I do the formula in excel, I get -0.3244 (the correct answer)

FORMULA IN EXCEL =(1 - ((1+2/100)*(0.995))^19)

I am driving myself CRAZY! I do not understand what in the world is going on. I believe the Excel value is correct. I have tried everything. I know Word has its peculiarities in Mail Merge and maybe this is something. I have consulted the usual sources (Graham Mayor, etc) and the forums and Google with nooooo luck. Please help!
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