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Originally Posted by gmaxey View Post
If you don't need special paste features you might use a simple macro:

Sub ScratchMacro()
'A basic Word macro coded by Greg Maxey
  Dim oRng As Word.Range
  Set oRng = Selection.Range
End Sub

The above works well Greg, thanks. As you say, this only works with 'normal paste'. I need the above to work with a special paste. Is this possible?

I often copy text from pdf and paste into word. I want a single macro which can:
- do a 'MergeFormatting' paste into Word, and then
- have this pasted text automatically selected, and then
- I will add more to the macro, including a way to replace unwanted paragraphs with spaces (already described by others, and I already have this code).

Any help would be MUCH appreciated!
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