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Default OneNote 2010 does not sync

Hi everyone,

When I open OneNote 2010, a message in a yellow bar states (in Dutch since I have the Ducth version):
"OneNote heeft een wachtwoord nodig om een of meer van uw notitieblokken te synchroniseren. Klik hier voor een lijst met secties en notitieblokken waarvoor wachtwoorden nodig zijn."
which would translate to something like:
"OneNote needs a password to synchronize one or more of your notebooks. Click here for a list of sections and notebooks that require a password."

So I click.

The bar reveals a url that I painstakingly type over in my browser and lo and behold, OneDrive online opens in a directory that contains (""), Losse ("Single") and Notitieblok ("Open"). How do I proceed from there?

I do not, I guess.

Back to OneNote. When I open the form Synchronisatie van gedeeld notitieblok ("Shared notebook synchronization" or something) I see my online notebook icon (Persoonlijk (web)) with its correct url, followed by "Niet aangesloten. Gesynchroniseerd op 31-8-2017." ("Not connected. Synchronized on 31-8-2017") which is quite a while ago.

There's a button "Nu synchroniseren" ("Synchronize now") which doesn't do a thing, probably because of the "Not connected" status. However, when I click the url, the notebook opens online without hesitation. There is no way to provide any password that is "needed by OneNote". I have removed any password protected sections both on- and offline, to no avail. There's an option in OneNote online to open the notebook in OneNote 2010 on my desktop, and that works as such, but it doesn't do a thing about the not being able to synchronize issue. I resolved to work in OneNote online only, but that turns out be frustatingly slow lately.
My OS is Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.

Anyone any suggestions? Thanks in advance!


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